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Connecting organizations with global IT professionals to achieve scale, expedite delivery, and lower project cost.

Flihwel delivers part-time, full-time, and project-based resources to augument or supplement project delivery teams.

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How Fliwhel Can Help You?

Flihwel provides flexible models for augmenting or fully outsourcing your delivery teams. Whether on a task-by-task basis or as part- or full-time contractors, Flihwel can enhance your team’s operations.

Web Design

At Flihwel, we transform your visions into digital reality. Specializing in cutting-edge web design, our dedicated team of developers brings a global perspective to create a seamless, dynamic online experience for your brand.

Website & Mobile App Development

Our skilled developers craft responsive websites and user-centric mobile applications that embody your business ethos, ensuring you lead the market with technology that speaks to your audience.

Platform & CMS Configuration

Let us optimize your website's performance and enhance its capabilities, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your audience.

Our Experience

Flihwel's resources have experiences across multiple platforms, techologies, code-bases, frameworks, and experienced with using the various systems you utilize to deliver your projects.


  • Wordpress
  • Acquia and Drupal
  • Contentful


  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js - Ember.js - Node.js
  • Svelte

Tools & Systems

  • Figma, Adobe XD, and other design platforms
  • Jira, Asana, Zendesk, and other ticketing platforms
  • Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, and other messaging platforms

Plans for every need

Whether to deliver a project, increase the capacity of an existing team, or simply take development off your hands, Flihwel provides flexible partnership models that can be adjusted as your needs change.

Part-Time or Full-Time

Pay by the Hour

Joins your team to add direct capacity to your operations or developer team

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Pay by an Allotment of Task

Tailored to fit your specific requirements, providing you with the flexibility to scale resources according to your project demands.

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Pay for a Scoped Engagement

Provides end-to-end delivery of a defined project such as an developing an app, website, or dashboard

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